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"Genuine" ideas for Valentine's Day – Procrastinator Guide

by Samael     February 12,2020

**Dong Dong Chiang, Dong Dong Dong Chiang…

Hold up, hold up, hold up…! Chinese New Year celebration has ended, time to keep your Chinese New Year CD's in the closet and start mixing your Romantic Love Songs Vol. 1 because Valentine's Day is happening this Friday!

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Well, well, well. There is no use to panic right now. We got just the right article to help you sort out what you should do or get for your partner this Valentine's weekend.

1. Gadgets

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Humans has never been more reliant on tech gadgets than before. It doesn't matter if it is practical; no one will reject the idea of holding a beautiful piece of latest gadgets in their hands. It's all about the aesthetic and the pleasure that comes from the glam — no shame in that. 😉

2. Catch a concert

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The perfect night out for couples who would love to listen to some serenading songs (or just dislike the idea of spending the whole night alone with them partner. 😏) while reminiscing good old days. If you are an old timer like admin, then there is one great concert happening in town this Valentine's Day, featuring Ronan Keating.

No idea who that is? **You say it best, when you say nothing at all. ~ Rings a bell now?

Julia Robert, Say Nothing
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EWW! Boomer alert. 📢 Well if you are too "young" for this. You can always rave at your local clubhouse. 👻

Rave, EDM

3. A Romantic Getaway Trip

Isn't it too late to do bookings and reservations? Well, good news for you, it is Valentine's weekend. So, count your days, Friday… Saturday… Sunday. There is enough time to make up for whatever excuses you have for not able to make it on Friday. If that isn't enough? Think of the angry lioness 🦁 that you have to face if you still can’t make a plan. A romantic getaway trip doesn't have to have everything planned and scheduled. As cliché as it may sound, if you genuinely love your partner, the destination doesn't matter, it's all about the memories made during the trip.

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4. Renew Your Vows

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Ok, back on a more serious note. (We are here to help okay? 👌) This is one classic thing for you to do with your partner during Valentine's Day. Nothing beats the satisfaction of declaring your profound love for your partner and tell them how much you love them and make new promises moving forward into the relationship. If you are shy, this can be done intimately and discreetly among the two of you, or if you are a crowd person, feel free to invite your circle of friends to witness the occasion. (again 😒)

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P.S. No ideas what kind of (empty 😏) promises you want to commit to this year? All you have to do is just Google it away, and you will be fine. Promise we won’t tell. 😉

5. Buy and build a home together

You can go to countless concerts or trips with your lover, but nothing can compare to committing a lifetime of dedication to build a home with your other half. Fool around all you want, but if he/she is the one meant to be, you must have imagined buying a house and raising a family together with the person you are in love with.

Buy house? Siao a? Where got so much money to pay for it?

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What if we tell you it is now possible to own a house in KL with only RM5X a day?

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Yes, you heard us right! RM5X a day and you can start building your love nest with your partner!

Located nearby Publika, SRJK (C) Khai Chee, MATRADE & MITEC, Savvy @ Riana Dutamas is simply one of the most sought-after properties in KL.

Just check out this map for yourself. With so many connections to significant spots in town, it is a no brainer why Savvy @ Riana Dutamas is the perfect place to start a family.

Hold your horses, there is more to it!

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Savvy @ Riana Dutamas has a designated walkway to the nearest KTM station! You will never have to worry about going through the heavy KL traffic while staying here.

ktm, walkway, traffic

Last but not least, Savvy @ Riana Dutamas is a FREEHOLD project.

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You don't need to be a genius to know how rare it is to find a residential title with a freehold tenancy period these days, especially in KL. If all goes well, this might as well be the legacy you pass on to your offspring.

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Still not convinced? Check out these pictures, and let us help you imagine that dream house of yours. Your dream will finally be realized!

Okay, all things said, if you don't have anything planned this Valentine's Day, it might not be such a bad idea to visit our sales gallery and surprise your loved one. We know it is a big decision to make, and our professional sales advisors will be there to assist you in the making of your choice. We sincerely hope you find the home that you have always dreamed of and build a family with your significant half at Riana Dutamas.

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Got big plans ahead and can't come this Valentine's Day? We’ve got you covered!

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Join us on Sunday, 23rd of February for our CNY celebration and SAVVY Pre-Launch Event at our sales gallery.
There will be lion dance performances as well as a free buffet for visitors to dine in. For more details on Savvy @ Riana Dutamas, please visit https://www.rianadutamas.com/.
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